BUILDINGBOX is an exhibition project that opened in September 2018. It is located in one of BUILDING’s display windows overlooking Via Monte di Pietà. Due to its location – inside the gallery but visible from outside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – BUILDINGBOX reflects the objective for which it was created: to build an independent venue characterised by an autonomous project in relation to the programming of the exhibitions that BUILDING hosts during the year. BUILDINGBOX is a place that is based on an annual time span where the fil rouge or common thread among the works is a temporal approach rather than a spatial one: a continuous, present, repeated temporality that expands and widens the possibilities and exhibition variants that BUILDING is able to offer. This display window hosts various artists and designers, exhibition cycles and temporary projects, offering a curatorial insight into multiple artistic themes.


BUILDINGBOX opened in September 2018 with the exhibition 5779, curated by Nicola Trezzi. Based on the Jewish calendar, the project analysed an approach to creating an exhibition that involved uprooting, and was based on time prevailing over space.
From October 2019 to January 2021, it hosted the second exhibition cycle Dalla sabbia, opere in vetro [From the Sand, Works in Glass], curated by Jean Blanchaert and in collaboration with Berengo Studio, dedicated to glass as an expressive medium and hence a symbol of artistic creation.
In 2021, BUILDINGBOX will host the project La forma dell’oro [The Shape of Gold], curated by Melania Rossi, who addressed the theme of the use of gold in contemporary artistic research, from the perspective of both alchemical seduction and desecratory will.
In 2022, on the occasion of its fifth anniversary, the space presented the exhibition Flashbacks, curated by Alice Montanini, which retraced the most important stages of BUILDING’s artistic research and promotional activities.
In 2023, BUILDINGBOX hosted Equorea (di mari, ghiacci, nuvole e altre acque ancora) [Equorea (of seas, ice, clouds and other waters)], an exhibition curated by Giulia Bortoluzzi, dedicated to exploring the theme of water as an emblem of all life and a source of artistic inspiration.