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Jaya Cozzani Chandra

Jaya Cozzani Chandra (Mumbai, 1982) developed the entire academic course in visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara in the Multimedia Arts course and specialised in Visual Arts at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. During the transition between Academies, in 2007 she won the prize as a young artist, Berlin for Art, promoted by the Friends of Camec in La Spezia; an internship at Fabrica s.p.a. – Benetton’s communication research centre in Villorba; and an internship at IUAV (Teach Me, Fast Forward – Very Very Very Stupid, with Matteo Cibic and Cosimo Bizzarri) in Venice.

After taking part in the residency sponsored by Fondazione Furla, Carisbo, Manbo and Xing, a workshop with Giovanni Anceschi and Luca Trevisani at Palazzo Pepoli in Bologna, she managed and coordinated the RUN/Spazio per artisti di passaggio that was held from 2012 to 2015 in Lerici, the Gulf of Poets, in August. Her apprenticeship in the “workshop” of Remo Salvadori, both mentor and art teacher, was crucial, and began in 2011. In a constant dialogue with Tommaso Trini and Pier Luigi Tazzi, she shared important moments of her research.

Cozzani Chandra works with material, time, science and philosophy. Her work embodies both a theoretical and purely poetic approach to the visible, poised between image and abstraction, between East and West. Hers is a quest for the mathematical-scientific-cosmic order of the world in which form and substance are inextricably linked, because everything evolves in a continuous flux. She has solo and group projects to her credit, including: Come l’acqua abbraccia la roccia quando la incontra, a workshop held in Rome in 2016, Base/Progetti per l’arte nel 2017 in Florence, Making of an artist, a workshop held for young artists in Pelago, in 2017, Cos’è l’arte? Cercando i fondamenti della forma in Mantua in 2017, Il blu perenne del cielo in Milan at MARS in 2018, Cos’è l’arte? Capitolo II – Il segno del vuoto in Hiroshima in Japan in 2019, VISIBILIA, come rendere visibile l’invisibile at Palazzo Pretorio in Gubbio in 2022.