Ljubodrag Andric

Andric is in a different position. He is the inheritor of a culture that has already put its finger on abstraction and has distilled it into extraordinary works of art accepted as such by a public that has learned to understand them. For that very reason there is no longer any need for “pure” abstraction, for an art that must convince its public that the abstract is sufficient. Andric suggests that the abstract feelings to be found by way of actual places, far from being diluted by compromise, are as resonant and powerful as those without any referent in reality” – Barry Schwabsky.


Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1965 into a family of artists, Andric started his involvement with art and photography at the age of 15. He studied humanities at the University of Belgrade, then dedicated himself entirely to photography in 1987. At age 21 Andric received his first professional commissions of mostly architectural photography. He had his first exhibition – at the gallery of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade – at the age of 23.

In 1987 Andric moved permanently to Rome, Italy where he had successful studio practices in both Rome and Milan over the following 15 years.

In 2002 Andric moved to Canada, focusing progressively on his art practice alone. He now resides in Toronto, a citizen of Canada, Italy and Serbia. His work has been exhibited extensively in museums, galleries, art festivals and fairs worldwide. Andric is represented in Toronto, San Francisco and Milan.

A comprehensive monograph about Andric’s work was released in 2016, edited by Demetrio Paparoni and published by SKIRA (Milan, Italy).