Simon Callery

Simon Callery (London, 1960) studied at the Campion School in Athens, Berkshire College of Art and Design and the Cardiff School of Art and Design (1983). His visual language has been influenced by the terminology and practice of archaeological excavation. The artist’s recent paintings emphasize materiality and they are made in direct contact with the hard surfaces of the urban environment or landscape. Canvases are marked, cut and punctured, soaked in highly saturated tempera and stitched together to form interior spaces and voids. Since the 1990s, Callery has exhibited his works in major exhibitions in the UK and abroad, including: Young British Artists III, Saatchi Gallery, London (1994); Sensation, Royal Academy of Arts, London, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin and Brooklyn Museum, New York (1997); About Vision. New British Painting in the 1990’s, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford. Recent solo exhibitions include: Contact Painting, Centro de Arte, Caja de Burgos (2023); Simon Callery, Rafael Perez Hernando Gallery, Madrid (2021); Simon Callery, Unosunove, Rome (2019). The artist has also participated in several group exhibitions, including: Inauguration, Lo Brutto Stahl, Paris (2023). Rome, A Portrait, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome (2023); Space as a Care of Duty, Studio G7, Bologna (2023); Stone, Sand & Cloth, Simon Callery, Susana Solano, Francisco de Zurbarán, Monasterio Santa Maria de Bujedo de Juarros. Burgos (2022). His works are exhibited in major collections including: Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo; British Museum, London; Centre National des Artes Plastiques, Paris; Tate, London.