Paolo Parisi. Vis à Vis (Datura)


Made especially for Paolo Parisi’s exhibition in BUILDING, the posters Vis à Vis (Datura) are prints of datura flowers superimposed upon pages of a geographic atlas.

The datura, also known as “devil’s trumpet” for its hallucinogenic properties, has stamens that point downwards instead of upwards, facing the sky. In Parisi’s works, these flowers, shot from the bottom up, are printed directly on the real map of the place where the flower had blossomed.
The Vis à Vis (Datura) series was born in 2010 from Paolo Parisi’s interest in the nature of oppositions, typical of Western dualism, and its overcoming in favor of a more representative complexity of today’s world.

Poster 100 x 70 cm
Offset print
Spendorgel E.W. paper, 160 gr

Poster € 5,00
Poster signed and numbered € 65,00