Around Milan, inside the city. Vincenzo Agnetti

25.11.2019 – 09.12.2019

The project has been realized in collaboration with IGPDecaux
25 Nov 2019 – 9 Dec 2019

After the intervention related to Vincenzo Castella in April, BUILDING relates once again to the urban context with Around Milan, inside the city, an operation that was born a year ago in order to make artworks dialogue with the city landscape, which now involves the research of Vincenzo Agnetti. To this artist BUILDING is now dedicating the exhibition Vincenzo Agnetti – Autoritratti Ritratti, Scrivere – Enrico Castellani Piero Manzoni, curated by Giovanni Iovane, on view until January 18th, 2020.

Outdoors, Agnetti’s artworks start a dialogue with the city and interface directly with the social fabric, proposing an artistic experimentation in which writing and artwork have a specific value that goes beyond the restrictive definition of “conceptual” practice. This intervention repositions some artworks by Agnetti inside the urban landscape. The scale of the artworks become larger in order to capture people’s eyes, having an effect on the city and interrupting the daily logic.