ph. Andrea Chemelli

Fabrizio Cotognini – In purissimo azzurro – Casa Leopardi, Recanati

19.10.2023 – 07.01.2024

In purissimo azzurro (In the purest blue), this is the title of the new contemporary art exhibition at Casa Leopardi that opend to the public, from October 19, 2023 to January 7, 2024, in Recanati, between the halls of the palace’s famous Library, among the most prestigious places of Italian culture.

This is the second appointment of the InterValli project, curated by Antonello Tolve, the new glimpse of the contemporary inspired by Giacomo Leopardi that dialogues with visitors among the 20,000 historical tomes that shaped the genius of the Poet, starting with the evocative verse of his famous lyric La Ginestra, o il fiore del deserto, composed in Torre del Greco in the spring of 1836.

After last year’s public success and critical appreciation, we are ready to reopen the Library to a new selection of artists who wanted to interpret a passionate verse of La Ginestra with the help of different expressive means. – Countess Olimpia Leopardi, a descendant of the Poet, said – What distinguishes artists is their perception of reality and the extraordinary ability to express it by giving life to suggestions that shake the viewer, stimulate questions or, simply, challenge us to explore our present from an unusual perspective. With this spirit, we have worked on the second edition of InterValli to invite the viewer to participate in a journey between past and present, an expression of continuity in a Library that, since its foundation, is not only a rich container of ancient treasures but also a protagonist and propeller of knowledge. With this edition of InterValli, we begin an important journey that will lead us to discover how contemporary artists relate to the work of Giacomo Leopardi.

An intergenerational and international itinerary, set up in the living spaces of the historic Library, where literature opens its doors to twenty-one names in art, born between the 1920s and 1990s, who see in Leopardi’s ” scented broom,” ” glad of deserts,” a clear indication of resistance to the challenges of the times.