Fabrizio Cotognini – IO AMO TE – Casa Natale di Raffaello, Urbino

13.12.2023 – 14.01.2024

Casa Natale di Raffaello / Bottega Giovanni Santi
Urbino, via Raffaello, 57 – PU

On view from December 13th, 2023 to January 14th, 2024
Opening: Wednesday, December 13th, 2023, at 17PM


Giuditta Branconi / Luigi Carboni / Fabrizio Cotognini / Matteo Fato / Giuseppe Stampone / Georgia Tribuiani
curated by Umberto Palestini

IO AMO TE is, according to the intentions of curator Umberto Palestini, a collective exhibition but also an artistic-editorial project, made through the work and experimental vision of artists who have exhibited in the spaces of L’ARCA in Teramo, with whom the Casa Natale Raffaello has established a rich cultural collaboration over the years. In the Teramo rooms, dedicated to contemporary art, for over a decade Luigi Carboni, Fabrizio Cotognini, Matteo Fato, Giuseppe Stampone, and Georgia Tribuiani have presented their works, to which have been added those of the young artist Giuditta Branconi.

This particular group show is a sort of celebration of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino, since all the artists, with the exception of Cotognini, were students and teachers at the institution. In the historic and prestigious rooms of the Bottega Giovanni Santi, the exhibition is developed in a new display with works never exhibited before, or specifically selected for the occasion. IO AMO TE brings together works by artists and creatives from different generations, who use a variety of expressive media, ranging from painting to sculpture, from installation to video, rediscovering the practice of drawing and interacting with graphic art.

To support the event, an experimental, one-of-a-kind publishing project was developed: an artist’s “book-volume”. Each author was ‘assigned’ twenty-four pages to create, in complete freedom, autonomous and personal graphic-visual stories. The innovative volume published by Edizioni Arti Grafiche della Torre is a unicum, an eccentric witness, which aims to broaden the editorial perspectives of traditional exhibition catalogues.

The exhibition, promoted by the City of Teramo with the organisation of Arti Grafiche della Torre, was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Accademia Raffaello and the the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino.