ph. Ilaria Maiorino

ph. Ilaria Maiorino

ph. Ilaria Maiorino

Female figure and landscape

09.11.2021, 18:30

On the occasion of the exhibition Leiko Ikemura. Before Thunder, After Dark, BUILDING is pleased to invite you to the event Female figure and landscape.

Following an introductory statement by Quinn Latimer on aspects of Leiko Ikemura’s artistic language, the talk will evolve around the themes of feminism, ecology, space and displacement. The various themes that the artist tackles include her concern for our planet: human beings and nature merge, as in her head sculptures showing hybrid creatures with human face but little trees instead of ears.



Leiko Ikemura – artist

Barbara Casavecchia – writer and independent curator

Quinn Latimer – poetess and writer



Frank Boehm – curator of the exhibition


The talk will be held mainly in English.

Free entrance upon reservation.