Virginia Zanetti

δύτης / Tuffatore [Diver] (detail), 2023

blue line tempered glass, sandblasted lettering

150 x 31,25 x 1 cm

ph. Ilaria Maiorino


Michele Spanghero

Stream II (detail), 2012-2023
varnished steel tubes, bolts, speakers audio, media players (8 m, loop)
2 elements measuring 28,5 x 54 x 108 cm

ph. Simone Panzeri


Fabio Roncato

Momentum, 2022
aluminium (lost wax casting)
65 x 50 x 125h cm

ph. Ilaria Maiorino


La forma dell’acqua. Un dialogo tra arte e filosofia

23.09.2023, 15:30

Saturday, September 23rd, 2023 at 3.30PM

Live streaming only. You can follow the talk on the Instagram profile

The dialogue will be conduced in italian.



Davide Dal Sasso

Fabio Roncato

Michele Spanghero

Virginia Zanetti



Giulia Bortoluzzi


On the occasion of the exhibition project Equorea (di mari, ghiacci, nuvole e altre acque ancora), curated by Giulia Bortoluzzi, BUILDINGBOX inaugurates a series of online meetings, held quarterly, dedicated to the exploration of the theme of water, conceived as an emblem of all life, and as a source of artistic inspiration.


In the third of these events, titled La forma dell’acqua [The Shape of Water], the philosopher Davide Dal Sasso, who will talk with the three artist protagonists of the third exhibition trimester Michele Spanghero, Fabio Roncato e Virginia Zanetti, will be hosted.
Starting from their own artistic approaches and from some artworks that they selected, the three artists will converse with Dal Sasso about the theme of shape, following the elemental idea that sees water as a natural element that can generate movements and transformations.
Ciò che si perde, ciò che è recuperabile [What is lost, and What can be recovered] will be the fil rouge that will lead the dialogue in its three distinct moments of reflection, declining the theme of the shape of water in three distinctive topics: feasibility, mutability, and liminal dimension.


Virginia Zanetti (Fiesole, 1981) is an artist and professor of artistic anatomy and video installation at the Fine Arts Academies of Florence and Catania. She graduated in Painting with honours from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, and specialises in art education. In her research, the Other, as opposed to the Self, provides the starting point for exploring ideas about separation and disharmony, with the aim of making it possible to recognise the bond with the community to which one belongs, and the surrounding environment. Action and performance are a fundamental part of Zanetti’s practice, and she uses them in striving to bring out the essence of community and that which is “essential” in the human being, adopting the critical potential of the crisis as a stimulus for a continuous rethinking of reality.


Michele Spanghero (Gorizia, 1979) has a degree in Modern Literature from the University of Trieste and has participated in courses on electronic and improvised music, sound design and video making. Spanghero’s artistic activity ranges from the field of sound art to sculpture and photography, developing the relationship between sculptural form and sound, with a focus on spatial perception through acoustics.


Fabio Roncato (Rimini, 1982) lives and works in Milan. After graduating in Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, he furthered his training by attending several residencies in Italy and abroad. In the works that form part of his research, Roncato develops a reflection on the boundaries of representation and the role of imagination in processes of understanding. In this working practice, the exploration and study of materials often coincide, letting the landscape itself play an active part in the creation processes. By giving the sculpture space to develop an independent form and behaviour, the aim is to awaken the meanings and memory potentially contained in matter from their state of slumber.


Davide Dal Sasso, philospher and curator, has carried out research at the University of Turin. He is member of Labont-Center for Ontology by SIE (Società Italiana d’Estetica) and NSAE (NordicSociety for Aesthetics). His studies focus on the bond between philosophy and contemporary arts, with a particular interest in the creative processes, the artistic practices, the role of expression and representation in the arts. He is autor and curator of “Dialogues of Aesthetics”, philosophy and arts column published in the magazine “Artribune” since 2012. He has written several articles on topics of aesthetics, contemporary art and philosophy of art. He is the author of the books In the sign of the essential. Art after Conceptualism (Rosenberg & Sellier, 2020) and The Ground Zero of the Arts: Rules, Processes, Forms (Brill, 2021). Together with the philosopher Elisabeth Schellekens, he edited the volume Aesthestics, Philosophy, and Martin Creed (Bloomsbury, 2022).