MEMBRANE – Yuval Avital

01.10.2022 – 13.11.2022, 18:00-15:26

Yuval Avital
curated by Marina Dacci


Opening: October 1st. 2022, 6PM
Chiostri di San Pietro, via Emilia San Pietro 44c, Reggio Emilia
1.10.2022 – 13.11.2022

On the occasion of:
Reggio Parma Festival 2022

in collaboration with:
La Fondazione | Teatri di Reggio Emilia
Chiostri di San Pietro, Reqgio Emilia



Membrane inhabits different rooms of the Cloisters of San Pietro. Painting, drawing, photography video and sound dialoque at the same time: they are an invitation to break the rigid boundaries between man and nature, considering both an essential part of a universal energy in which we take part”- Marina Dacci

Membrane is the fifth event within the macro-work Il Bestiario della Terra, specifically created by Yuval Avital, nominated artist of the year in the context of the Reggio Parma Festival 2022.
The exhibition is spread over the two floors of the Cloisters of San Pietro in Reggio Emilia.
On the ground floor, Avital’s pictorial and icon-sound art is exhibited, aimed at exploring the archetype of the human figure in its relationship with Nature.
Upstairs the large opus Foreign Bodies is presented, an iconic work in the production of Avital, a project started in 2017 and which is now enriched with a third chapter – on this occasion entirely made in Italy, in the Emilia region.


We take this occasion to highlight all the ongoing exhibitions by Yuval Avital in the context of Reggio Parma Festival 2022:

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until 27 11.2022
Musei Civici, in dialogue with Collezione Spallanzani, Reggio Emilia

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Palazzo Marchi, Parma
monographic exhibition, curated by Chiara Canali, Camilla Mineo


Lessico Animale. Prologo
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APE Parma Museo Parma
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until 9.10.2022
Casa del Suono, Parma
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