Ovunque lo accompagnava il racconto. Opening

28.11.2019 – 08.03.2020

On Thursday, November 28, 2019, starting from 6 PM, Archivio Vincenzo Agnetti will present a new arrangement inside the space Machiavelli 30, the official headquarter of the Archive and the artist’s studio, featuring works from his last period, particularly from the years 1978-1980, during which the relationship with poetry, always underlying in his work, becomes more strongly and visibly presented.
The common thread of the entire exhibition is the relationship with the story, the poetry, and the photographic image.
The central pieces of the exhibition are the two artworks from the series Riserva di caccia, created after two photographic sequences which revolve around the words “The desire hits before the bullet and strikes like lightning on the limited heart of the things”, referring to the dilemma between desire and predatory instinct, through three large triptychs on canvas.

Other parts of the exhibition include works from the series Dopo le grandi manovre, a revisitation of old Japanese photographs, in which irony is sometimes combined both in writing and in drawing, as if in an interplay of a temporal mirroring. “I am interested in those – wrote Agnetti – because they are made by a poet who used photos. As for me, I wanted to immerse myself into this poetic depth”.
The second floor houses the video installation Machiavelli 30, a phonic and photographic edition of the poetry book published by Guanda in 1978, in which the verses recited by Agnetti are accompanied by images and sound in a suspended dimension in which art and poetry become one, the word and the image are inseparable, and the artist’s voice leads into a field of emotional resonance.
Two felts from 1971, which reveal Agnetti’s relationship with poetry better than any other text, conclude the exhibition.