Sean Shanahan



oil on MDF

177 x 177 cm

Sean Shanahan – New Grass – Arezzo

24.06.2023 – 22.10.2023


New Grass

Curated by Anna Bernardini with Moira Chiavarini
On view from June 24th to October 22nd 2023 at Fortezza Medicea (viale Bruno Buozzi) and Le Nuove Stanze (via Mazzini 12), Arezzo


Sean Shanahan (1960, Dublin) presents the exhibition New Grass, curated by Anna Bernardini with Moira Chiavarini, organized by Fondazione Guido d’Arezzo in collaboration with the Municipality of Arezzo and the cultural association Le Nuove Stanze, Mmode and BUILDING, and with the support of Magonza.

The exhibition includes 11 installations that unfold in the scenic spaces of Fortezza Medicea, presenting the Irish artist’s latest pictorial research, also for this exhibition, His artworks are created by measuring themselves with the surroundings (space in which they are located), and the relationship between work and environment continues to be crucial and decisive; these are places in which the artist emphasizes, through his research, their austerity and dryness.

In the rooms of Fortezza Medicea, large paintings-sculptures inhabits and dialogue with the spaces of the stronghold, playing on solids and voids. These are works in which painting, in the exaltation of its purity, establishes a constructive and physical dialogue with the place and develops plastically in it.

The exhibition continues at the headquarters of the cultural association Le Nuove Stanze of Arezzo, in Via Mazzini 12, where Sean Shanahan shows the new series of multiple artworks, which are a further and radical, in some ways even playful, declination of an ongoing experimentation on painting possibilities, which in this case draw a collected but nervous, curious, ironic movement.