“Un tableau me vient de loin”. A dialogue between Antonello Negri and Paolo Rusconi about Picasso’s drawing

10.05.2023, 17:30

Un tableau me vient da loin
A dialogue between Antonello Negri and Paolo Rusconi about Picasso’s drawing


Wednesday, May 10th, 2023, at 5.30PM, at BUILDING
The dialogue will be given in Italian


Reservation is required, seats are limited.
RSVP: events@building-gallery.com or +39 02 89094995


On the occasion of the exhibition Picasso. Un tableau me vient de loin. 15 drawings from 1905 to 1970 (14thApril – 27th May 2023) BUILDING TERZO PIANO hosts a dialogue between the exhibition’s curator Paolo Rusconi and the professor of contemporary art Antonello Negri.

Starting from the graphic works displayed in the exhibition, the conversation will deal with the theme of drawing as starting point to understand the origin and development of Picasso’s artistic process. Drawing, in fact, thanks to its immediacy and expressive power, represents for the artist the spontaneous recording of ideas, and it reveals their considerable creative vitality.




Antonello Negri – former full professor of Fonti, modelli e linguaggi dell’arte contemporanea in the Department of Cultural and Environmental Heritage at Università degli Studi di Milano, of which he was director for two terms – is a member of the Scientific Committee of the journal “Studi di scultura. Età moderna e contemporanea”; he runs the magazine “L’uomo nero. Materiali per una storia delle arti della modernità”; he is full member of the Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere, Classe di Scienze morali, and a consultant for the artistic activities of the Pasquinelli Foundation in Milan.
His main fields of study and research are painting, graphics, and architecture of the 19th and 20th centuries.


Paolo Rusconi is full professor of Contemporary Art History and director of the School of Specialization in Historical Artistic Heritage at Università degli Studi di Milano.
He is president of the Guido Lodovico Luzzatto Foundation, scientific coordinator of Centro APICE (Archivi della parola, dell’immagine e della comunicazione editoriale) at Università degli Studi di Milano, he is in charge of the international agreement with the MAC/USP (Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo).
His research has explored issues related to the relationships between the visual arts, literature and politics of art in in the Italian and French culture of the 20th century, focusing particularly on interest in the direct attendance of manuscript sources and personal archives of artists.