Vincenzo Castella

Milano #06, 2012

Type C print da negativo colore

30 x 50 cm


Vincenzo Castella – Architetture oblique – Triennale Milano

19.10.2023 – 07.01.2024

October 19th, 2023 – January 7th, 2024

Triennale Milano, Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano


The exhibition explores two themes dear to the photographer: botanical gardens and cities, rendered through various scales and dimensions, from large and very large-format photographs to small-format photographs and original contact sheets. Visitors undertake a journey winding between the images of the botanical collections and the work on urban spaces and buildings, transforming them into two parallel texts to be read simultaneously, through a cognitive link between two worlds that have always been connected within the history of European cities. The exhibition will also feature a number of videos dedicated both to the theme of the city and to the representation of nature, as well as an installation of small framed photographs that tell the story of the construction of the San Siro Meazza Stadium in Milan in 1989-1990.

Credits – curated by Lorenza Bravetta, Triennale Milano


The exhibition presents some of BUILDING’s collection artworks, selected and displayed on the occasion of the exhibition Vincenzo Castella. Architetture oblique