Yuval Avital in dialogue with Yuval Avital

24.06.2021, 18:30-21:00

As part of the series of collateral events of the exhibition Yuval Avital. E T E R E, curated by Annette Hofmann, BUILDING is pleased to host the artist also in the guise of musician. Thursday, June 24th, from 6.30 PM to 9 PM, Yuval Avital will be presenting a series of spontaneous musical performances on the four floors of the gallery.

Well-known soloist of classical and electric guitar, Avital’s musical language mixes a multitude of aesthetic paradigms, from the Middle Eastern mode to contemporary music, to the open forms of jazz and progressive rock, bringing an extremely personal synthesis in dialogue with the works on display.

Avital will perform in a series of random intervals, interacting with the sound sculptures on display in the four microcosms that make up the exhibition E T E R E.