Matters, Spaces, Visions

29.01.2020 – 20.06.2020



BUILDING presents Matters, Spaces, Visions, an exhibition project dedicated to three artists who have designed the works in dialogue with the architecture of the rooms, on three separate floors. Therefore most of the works on display are site specific, new productions or never shown before. This specific exhibition mode – separated by floors – is a signature of BUILDING, which proposes once again a format experimented for the first time in January 2019.

Three artists with different tendencies, but with some common traits, as it is right since we see them exhibiting together. Not in a collective, however, played on the comparison between works by different authors, but in three solo shows, each floor of BUILDING assigned to an artist.

It is up to the observer to catch differences and affinities at the same time. The viewer will first notice the multiplicity of expressive choices that each artist adopts with extreme freedom; the viewer will see noble and canonical materials coexist with others who are absolutely non-artistic, chosen without awe because of their significant value.

Sophie Ko, Valerie Krause and Marco Andrea Magni are well aware that to transgress a rule it is necessary to have known it and assumed it in all its significance: only then one can attempt to overcome it. The modernist lesson, in sculpture with its relationship with space, in painting with the radical instance of the monochrome, has been assimilated, now it is a matter of moving forward. The knowledge of the history of art, not only recent, is related to the attitude of considering philosophy as orientation of work, and perhaps of existence.

What is now called into question is the emotional sphere, the creativity of the image that forges the materials, the strength to assume almost the thickness of the metaphor.

Sophie Ko’s compacted pigment in the glass gradually gives way to gravity and makes the work an entity in progress; Magni’s velvet surfaces hold the fine sand of an hourglass, the emblem of an exploded time; the interrupted line of Krause draws a fragmented diagonal that dynamizes the floor on which it is placed.

These and others exhibited works take on evocative power, the observer is asked to consider the materials and forms, so freely arranged in space, for what they are, but they are also invited to transcend them, to catch the visionary aspect that each of them hides and reveals at the same time.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue composed by critical texts, a general introduction and three essays, each one dedicated to a specific artist, which multiply the points of view and the possible readings of this already stratified landscape. The critical contributions are by Andrea Pinotti for Sophie Ko, Giulia Bortoluzzi for Valerie Krause and Francesca Pasini for Marco Andrea Magni.