Ladies room
Ladies room, Traccia
Ladies room, Nord
Ladies room, Focolare
Ladies room, Corrente

The Ladies’ Room
tondino in ottone, lamina di rame, cristallo di Murano, listello a sezione quadrato in noce, catena di ottone, pietra di marmo di Carrara, corda di cotone, gancio in ottone / brass rod, copper foil, Murano crystal, square section strip in walnut, brass chain, Carrara marble stone, cotton rope, brass hook

The Ladies’ Room
marmo nero Marquina con inserto in acciaio, ago in acciaio magnetizzato, galleggiante in legno / black Marquina marble with steel insert, magnetized steel needle, wooden float

The Ladies’ Room
marmo bianco di Carrara con diffusore di essenza, piatto in ottone /
Carrara white marble with essence diffuser, brass plate

The Ladies’ Room
basi in marmo bianco di Carrara, steli in tondino di acciaio armonico e ottone, elementi botanici in foglio di rame e ottone / bases in white Carrara marble, stems in harmonic steel and brass rods, botanical elements in copper and brass sheet
15 elementi, dimensioni variabili / 15 elements, variable size

The Ladies’ Room. In Itinere

17.04.2018 – 21.04.2018

Milan Design Week 2018

BUILDING is delighted to host The Ladies’ Room (Ilaria Bianchi, Agustina Bottoni, Astrid Luglio, Sara Ricciardi), as one of the special projects that the gallery dedicates to and will periodically focus on emerging talents: BYD, Building Young Designers, on the occasion of the Fuorisalone, (17 – 22 April 2018), within the Brera Design District 2018, titled Be Human: Designing with Empathy.
The project is site specific: a multisensory, intimate and structured path, with four installations, designed exclusively for the gallery, and created to accompany the visitors in a symbolic rise, through encounters and levels, which lead to the knowledge and the rediscovery of distant ancestral images, a design that creates empathy with the observer. The journey, in four moments, where nature and artifice meet, in a variety of perspectives and trajectories, inside and outside the building, In Itinere is a silent guide, a collection of delicate signs to be interpreted, before proceeding into a journey, material and poetic, through time and space, a journey to discover archetypal forms and dynamic objects, that coexist in harmony with the environment.

The Ladies’ Room was founded by Ilaria Bianchi, Agustina Bottoni, Astrid Luglio and Sara Ricciardi, in 2016, in Milan. Their work begins a reflection on contemporary design, by creating artifacts and experiences, that are the engine of discussion on the renewed need for sensory involvement. On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2018, The Ladies’ Room presents In Itinere exclusively for BUILDING.

BUILDING takes part in Brera Design District and organizes various activities during the Fuorisalone Week.