Movimento III. Special Performance

19.12.2017, 18:30-23:30

Movimento III for soprano, percussion and live electronics

Elio Marchesini
Sandro Mussida
Olivia Salvadori


Movimento III is the title of the first musical event in BUILDING, a performance that took place on Tuesday, December 19th, 2017, at 6.30 PM, with Olivia Salvadori, soprano, Elio Marchesini on percussion, and Sandro Mussida on live electronics. Known in the European experimental, classical-contemporary and electronic scene, the three musicians presented a work matured through a practice that combines vocal physicality, sound performance, electronic and electroacoustic exploration in a single act of about thirty minutes, approaching for the first time, in a reciprocal look, to the plasticity and the tension of the works of Remo Salvadori meditated site specific for the inaugural exhibition at BUILDING. The spaces and the works have offered a comparison with the sound architecture of the performance in a “continuous infinite present”.

The seven metals” as the artist states “have required a time that is still beginning, an ecounter full of questions, the nature of the substance, its matches, the metals and the colors, the metals and the plant world… the metals and the musical notes”.
Seeing yourself listening as well as seeing yourself observing” says Salvadori, who with the metals has established a relationship, a dialogue, which is also weaving and carving on a pentagram. Sound by its nature leads a unique relationship with the space in which it is manifested in real time.
Movement is the vibration of a body, the change of state of a substance, the wind of a voice. Through the microphone, extension of our ear, hearing can hear the inaudible. Together with these vibrations the voice, the presence of time in space”.