Remo Salvadori

Remo Salvadori was born in Cerreto Guidi in 1947. The relationship of this artist with the force of gravity, the matter, the solidity and the fragility of the materials (not oxymoron or illusion, but tangible outcome), is realized in new compositions, open and balanced, regular and irregular, which are the result of a knowledge, a composition and a mathematical discipline that he has always practiced. To these, the viewer can associate an alchemical metamorphosis: the seven metals are forged in order to change the nature and the way of manifesting themselves. As the artist states: “The connection with the seven metals has required a time that is still a beginning, an encounter full of questions, an extra space, a pentagram, correspondences… the nature of substance. Seeing each other and seeing in the moment…”.
The artist has established a relationship and a dialogue with the metals, like dowels to carve on a pentagram, whose language comprehend the seven musical notes. If the concepts of metamorphosis and alchemy can evoke baroque dictates, the outcome in Salvadori’s artworks rises to an essential harmony, in proportions, in geometry and in a deliberate and intense metaphysical new version. The vision of the artworks on display (synthesis and summary of a meditation that lasts since 1973) invites to a consideration on the present and the future of art, in a consciously timeless and ever-present dimension: “It is precisely a concept of ​​vitality of the artwork, of the artwork as a place around which energy is concentrated and an experience is brought to life, an intimate and dynamic exchange with the spectator”.