Yuval Avital. Foreign Bodies Action

27.05.2021, 18:00-20:00

As part of the solo exhibition Yuval Avital. E T E R E, curated by Annette Hofmann, BUILDING presents a performative work by Yuval Avital entitled Foreign Bodies Action, in dialogue with four of the artworks on display, part of the series Foreign Bodies n.1 & n.2.

In medicine, a “foreign body” is any object whose origin is outside the body. The term is overturned by the artist, who identifies the human body as a foreign body within the “great body” of nature. The strangeness between man and nature creates an inevitable tension trapped within modern identity, a prison made up of both organic and computerized minds, opinions and manners.

Protagonists of the performance will be five dancers of the highest level, including the dancer and choreographer of the Teatro alla Scala Stefania Ballone and the dancer and choreographer Anita Lorusso, both of whom are part of Foreign Bodies n.1. Together with them, three other dancers from Teatro alla Scala ballet company: Frank Lloyd Aduca, Andrea Crescenzi and Benedetta Montefiore.