Shlomo Harush
Sono venuto per caso con intenzione
acciaio / steel
110 x 60 x 50 cm

Shlomo Harush
Gli spazzi
acciaio / steel
14 elementi, cad. / 14 elements, each 280 x 90 x 80 cm
misura complessiva / total size 280 x 196 x 510 cm

Shlomo Harush
dall’alto, da sinistra a destra / from the top, left to right
Ikea Nest to Last, 2013
Common Thought, 2013
Foreclosure, 2013
Doctor My T-Bone is Killing Me, 2013
You Are Cheating on Me, 2013
I Will Name Him Two Thousand Fourteen, 2014
I Told You New York is a Cool Place, 2014
Number Five Step Forward, 2013
Sashimi Invention, 2013
olio su legno /oil on wood
6 x 61 x 5 cm

Shlomo Harush. I Came by Chance with Intention

16.01.2019 – 16.02.2019

Opening at the artists’ presence

When Shlomo Harush tells his stories, he does not dip his pen in ink, but bends iron with his hands, bends it as if he were writing, as if he were drawing. The line of the nib turns into aluminium, bronze, brass or stainless steel wire. The result is a long uninterrupted stroke that gives life to the most varied figures” – Jean Blanchaert.

Shlomo Harush (Jerusalem, 1961) studied Middle Eastern history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Photography at Hadassa Community College in Jerusalem.

After living and working in Milan from 1990, in 1998 Harush moved to New York City, where he has since worked in a studio in Brooklyn, creating multidisciplinary art: sculptures, photography, installations, paintings, and mixed media.

Harush’s main focus in recent years has been the metamorphosis of forms and materials, achieving intriguing interrelations between art and industry while constantly challenging boundaries.