Chiara Dynys

Installation view Gate of Heaven, Porta di Milano, Aeroporto di Milano Malpensa – Terminal 1

ph. Roberto Macagnino

Chiara Dynys – Gate of Heaven – Porta di Milano di Malpensa


Gate of Heaven is the new Chiara Dynys‘ exhibition project curated by Giorgio Verzotti scheduled from October 19th, 2023 at the Porta di Milano at Malpensa Airport Terminal 1.


Chiara Dynys’ Porta di Milano immediately and explicitly refers to the theme and meaning of a place like the airport, which represents and embodies the sense of travel, departure and return. What the exhibition suggests is the moment of transit, and thus that feeling we experience each time we cross a threshold to reach an unseen horizon.


In Daniele Del Giudice’s book “Staccando l’ombra da terra” [Detaching the shadow from the ground] the author writes about the joy we feel in detaching the shadow from the ground but also about the panic that invades us. Crossing our threshold – exceeding our limits – every day is a risk, a challenge to ourselves; and here Chiara Dynys proposes the metaphor of the meaning of the passage through Gate of Heaven, the image of a large portal, symbolically made up of the yellow and red landing strip lights of the airports. Furthermore, in the foreground, the exhibition presents seven doors in Murano glass casting, entitled Giuseppe’s Door, which symbolize, with different colors and through the magical opalescence of the illuminated glass, the seven doors of Milan which are the true access to the city.


The seven sculptures, created by Berengo Studio, Murano and made available for the project by BUILDING will accompany the traveller/visitor towards the entry and/or exit door of the largest airport in Milan, based on each person’s personal destination.


The project will be accompanied by a catalogue that will feature several interventions including texts by Luciano Bolzoni, Head of Art and Cultural Project SEA, Angelo Crespi, President of MA*GA and Giorgio Verzotti. A further valuable contribution is that of the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Milan Tommaso Sacchi.